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Windows 11 will let you copy text from your PC and Android screenshots soon

Some exciting changes are coming for Windows 11 users, promising an improved Snipping Tool and an improved Photos app. Notably, these improvements include such impressive features as screenshots in the snipping tool and the ability to blur backgrounds in the Photos app

Insights into these advancements have emerged from Windows Insider users, an integral part of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, where enthusiasts get a glimpse of forthcoming OS developments and contribute to its refinement.


The Snipping Tool’s version 11.2308.33.0 introduces ‘Text Actions,’ a feature designed to simplify the process of copying, pasting, and sharing text directly from screen captures. Users can easily select ‘Text Actions’ in the Snipping Tool toolbar to view and select highlighted text for copying. Furthermore, the tool facilitates text manipulation within screenshots, including redaction of sensitive information using the ‘Quick Redact’ function.

In a bid to enhance user experience, the Snipping Tool will seamlessly integrate with Windows 11’s Phone Link feature. This integration allows users to markup a screenshot and edit recent Android device photos instantly on their PC through the Snipping Tool.


On the other front, the Photos app receives a significant update based on community feedback. The standout feature is the ‘Background Blur’ option, enabling quick and accurate background blurring in photos. This feature offers additional controls such as ‘Blur Intensity’ and a ‘Brush Tool’ for precise selection of areas to blur.

Moreover, a remarkable addition is the ‘Content Search’ capability for photos backed up on OneDrive. This enables users to search for photos based on their content, employing intelligent image detection software that labels photos with searchable tags based on their detected content, similar to Google Photos.


Additionally, users can search for photos based on their location, across local files, OneDrive, and even iCloud for iPhone owners using Windows 11.


As Microsoft continues to refine these features based on user feedback, anticipation grows for their widespread availability and potential inclusion of video editing functions in the Photos app, filling the void left by the transition from the Windows 10 Photos app’s video editing features. The coming updates promise a more seamless and feature-rich user experience on Windows 11. Stay tuned for more as these features evolve and enhance the Windows 11 ecosystem.

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