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10 Best Places to Get Free Fonts to Design Your Site

Fonts are a set of printable or displayable typography or characters, also referred to as text in specific styles and sizes. These font styles are useful digitally as text in designs or in prints on banners, flyers, booklets, etc.

Typographic font styles come with specific spacings and designs, once determined, these styles will apply to both lowercase and uppercase letters and punctuation marks.

There are varieties of font sizes and styles employed for design, based on usage and preferences. There are no One-size-fits-all font styles. While some are used solely to design a title or the main content of graphics imagery, there are some which are specially crafted for articles or paragraphs. Depending on the style and mental orientation of designers, there are more than 1000 different font styles.

Font styles are divided into five main fonts.

Let us quickly guide you through the websites where you can get free access to downloadable font styles. Note that some also have paid plans but we can assure you there is a pool of styles to choose from.


10 Best Places to Get Free Fonts to Design Your Site


1. Google Font

Google Font is a platform that provides access to a vast library of web-ready fonts. It offers more than 1,500 font families that may be filtered by genre, language, popularity, and a number of other factors. One of the platform’s unique features is its flexible font preview tool, which enables users to preview a sentence or paragraph using any font, change the font size, and examine many font iterations.
A part of Google Fonts called Fonts Knowledge also includes original tutorials on typography.
One of the reasons why Google Fonts tops the list is the option given to embed these fonts directly into the website by getting the necessary codes thus enhancing the speed of the website as they are generated online. Once you’ve located the font you require you can also download it directly into your computer.


2. Font Bundles

One of the catches on font bundle is the weekly access to premium fonts (with license), that grants access to commercial use.
This website features a number of free fonts that are downloadable when a visitor signs up. offers exclusive deals on the highest quality premium and free fonts from independent designers. We offer savings up to 96% off fonts on a regular basis”


3. Font Squirrel

One major standout feature of this website is the incorporation of Ai which is able to detect the font on an image you might upload on it. All you have to do is, upload your image and wait for the font to be detectable. As a graphics or web designer, you don’t need to worry as to search everywhere for a particular font you so love. Get a snipping tool or take a screenshot of the image or webpage and upload it. This feature is called a font identifier.


4. Font Space

Another fantastic library to look at for free fonts is FontSpace, which has more than 110,000 fonts of various types. The fonts are arranged in categories, which makes it easier to sort out fonts easily.

It is now a well-liked library for graphic designers, programmers, and web developers who want to add distinctive typography to their creative efforts because thousands of Font creators have the liberty to upload new fonts with licenses for commercial use, and this feature alone makes the font library a go-to as it is updated every other day.


5. 1001 Free Fonts

Right from the name 1001 Free Fonts, you can predict that this site offers a wide range of free fonts that are available to designers and developers. But, far more than the name can capture, there are more than tens of thousands of fonts in this particular library.

As this is one of the websites with pools of fonts, you are provided with the option to search based on categories such as Headline, Calligraphy, Brush, Decorative, Script, Fancy, Curly etc, font styles and alphabetical order. You might as well purchase the license for commercial as free access is given for personal use


6. Fontfabric

This website was created by Bulgarian designer Svetoslav Simov, who primarily uses Cyrillic fonts for Russian and related languages.

The website footer is full of a detailed navigation menu that can guide for an easy selection of font categories. There is also a provision for premium custom fonts that for commercial licensing.


7. Behance

Behance functions as a platform where the most skilled designers globally exhibit their imaginative work. Some designers employ it as a showcase website, while others utilize it to present and distribute their creations, whether they are design assets or fonts.

If you have an inclination to experiment with fonts, simply search for “free fonts” on Behance. While you may not always find a complete font collection with multiple variations, you will undoubtedly discover something that will capture your interest.

Behance proves to be an excellent avenue to explore if you are seeking fonts to incorporate into a graphic design project. Anything related to logos, social media banners, and posters will yield satisfactory outcomes. However, if you are in search of a fresh typographical style for a website or blog, this may not be the ideal destination.


8. DaFont

Design enthusiasts, web developers and Graphics experts find DaFonts endearing for its colourful website navigation which makes searching the desired fonts easy. It is one of the popular font libraries on the internet. It has a wide range of font types. It has a collection of traditional serifs and contemporary sans-serifs.

The website displays a list of font categories at the beginning of the homepage. By clicking on a category, users can view the specific fonts related to that category below. They can then download and integrate suitable fonts into their website.

DaFont’s free fonts will offer your projects a professional style without breaking the bank, whether you want to build a website, design logos, or make banners.


9. Dribble

Dribble is similar to Behance isn’t basically a free font library like the aforementioned websites, but these two platforms are a home of inspiration for designers and developers. Beyond this, Dribble is also a portfolio website that gives room for questions and interaction on a particular font style that is discovered.

On Dribbble, there’s a free fonts tag which helps visitors to locate them. Simply click on the menu button and search for “free fonts”

10. Fontesk

Fontesk is unique for its quick access to fonts. This is one of the websites which gives the luxury to download fonts without registration or any signup. You can access the fonts for personal use, just like other platforms granted the same access, but Fontesk also offers half of its commercial licence for free. This is the reason why you might want to explore and see which platform works best for you.

Know that many of these websites grant only access to download fonts strictly for personal use, with discounts on commercial purposes.

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