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How To Fix An Android Bluetooth Device Not Detecting Other Low Phones

Most of these new android phones bluetooth doesn’t scan for other low specs devices like Java Nokia’s and China Phones,especially the one’s with out dated bluetooth versions so if you have a tablet or another android phone that doesn’t detect other low devices but can detect a similar android to it then this post is here to teach you how to fix an androids bluetooth’s not detecting other smaller phones,just follow these steps below:

How To Fix The Problem

  1. Switch ON the bluetooth of the phone which can’t be detected by the android(The lower specs phone)
  2. Also on that same phone,in the bluetooth settings enable anything namedVisibility,make sure visibility is ON.
  3. Now,open the android not detecting the device then switch ON the Bluetooth of the phone.
  4. Make sure visibility is turned on in the bluetooth settings
  5. Now go back to the small phone which was searched for but not detected then goto bluetooth and Search for a new device then if the android device has been detected on the small phone then pair your bluetooth with it,the android will see it and add it to the paired list.

Since the device being paired with and added to the paired list then goto the file you’d like to send and share with bluetooth,when it brings the bluetooth paired list then it shows the devices it has been paired with so click it and the android will start sending.
Before taking this above steps,make sure your android’s bluetooth is working well and also be sure your visibility is turned on.
To short the words if not clear,use the smaller phone to pair with the android as if you’re trying to send a file to the android.
If you’re having the problem then follow the guidelines I’ve listed,it should work for you.

don’t forget to comment and share if this post worked and also if you are still experiencing difficulties comment below for the problem to be fixed.

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