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Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone and Watch Offline Legally

YouTube videos offline download? Here’s how to easily download videos to your iPhone and keep the entertainment flowing, even without internet!

I hope these options give you a good starting point!

4 Ways You Can Download Youtube Videos for Offline View On your Iphone Legally

 1. Downloading Videos through YouTube Premium: The Official Route:

Ditch the ads, secure your entertainment!

Go premium with YouTube Premium and unlock a world of benefits:

  • Download videos directly on your iPhone (up to 1080p) for offline viewing anywhere, anytime. No more worrying about spotty internet or data usage!
  • Support your favorite creators with your subscription, ensuring they keep pumping out amazing content.
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience and savor uninterrupted viewing bliss.

Price: Individual plan – NGN 1,100/month, Family plan – NGN 1,700/month.
Invest in your entertainment peace of mind!

 2. Download Youtube videos with the Documents App

Prefer a free approach? Enter the Documents app by Readdle Technologies. This versatile tool doubles as a file manager and a gateway to offline YouTube enjoyment:

  • After Downloading the Documents app from the App Store, launch it.
  • Tap the Browser icon and locate the YouTube shortcut.
  • Find your desired video, play it, and copy the URL using the Share button.
  • Open the YTLoad website in your Documents app’s browser and paste the URL.
  • Hit Download, and voila! Your video lands in the app’s download folder, ready to be played offline.

Here’s a rephrased version of the text about JAYD:

3. Download YouTube videos on the fly with JAYD!

Want YouTube videos offline without a subscription? Look no further than JAYD, a free shortcut for iPhone. Here’s how it works:

1. Install the essentials:

  • Get the JAYD shortcut
  • Download the Scriptable app

2. Grab your video:

  • Open YouTube and find your desired video.
  • Tap “Share” and scroll down to “More.”
  • Select “JAYD” from the extended list.

3. Permissions dance:

  • The first time, grant JAYD access to its site and YouTube.
  • Choose to download the full video or just the audio.
  • Pick your saving location: Camera Roll or a dedicated JAYD folder in Files.
  • Grant permissions to share with Scriptable and connect to Google servers.
  • Finally, allow JAYD to save the file.

That’s it! Enjoy your downloaded video even without internet.

Note: While JAYD provides a convenient option, it’s important to acknowledge that downloading YouTube videos might violate their terms of service. Use it responsibly and at your own risk.

4. Use a YouTube downloader site (but be cautious)

Mobile browsing on iPhone has come a long way. In many respects, it’s just as capable as browsing on a Mac or PC. For example, you can actually use a YouTube downloader in Safari and download a YouTube video just as you would on desktop.

This method isn’t recommended, however. The YouTube downloaders online can be spammy, blasting you with sketchy ads and giving off an overall malicious vibe. Still, it does work, so it’s a notable option, but I’d recommend you stick with JAYD.

It’s important to note that using third-party YouTube downloaders, whether on a desktop or mobile device, may violate YouTube’s terms of service. Downloading videos from YouTube without permission may infringe on copyright laws and can result in consequences such as the removal of your YouTube account or legal actions from copyright holders.

As of January 2022, YouTube’s policies strictly prohibit the downloading of videos without explicit permission from the content owner. It’s crucial to respect these policies and the rights of content creators.

Additionally, using third-party services, especially those with sketchy ads or questionable practices, may expose your device to security risks. It’s generally safer to use official and authorized methods to access and interact with online content.

A Word of Caution: Steer Clear of Shady Apps

The internet brims with apps promising instant YouTube downloads. But proceed with caution! Many of these tools include:

  • Violate YouTube’s terms of service. potentially putting your account at risk.
  • Compromise your security and privacy by harboring malware or stealing data.
  • Offer poor-quality downloads that ruin your viewing experience.

Stick to trusted methods like YouTube Premium or the Documents app to ensure a safe and satisfying offline experience.


This last step added allows you to download youtube video on any device either Android, Iphone, or Laptop. All you need is a browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.


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