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Google’s chatbot Bard AI is now Gemini: Introducing Advanced Features

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Hey everyone, remember Bard, that cool AI tool you could use to write stuff, code, and brainstorm ideas? Well, it’s got a new name and some crazy superpowers now – it’s called Gemini! Buckle up, ’cause this AI assistant is about to rock your world.

Think of it like this: Formerly, Bard was a helpful assistant, but Gemini is like Bard after drinking a gallon of super-genius juice 😋. It understands you way better, follows your instructions like a pro, and can even code with you! Need a personal tutor? Check. Brainstorming buddy? Check. Code reviewer? Check! Gemini does it all.

But wait, there’s more! Want the full Gemini experience? There’s a paid plan called “Gemini Advanced” – think of it as giving your AI assistant a jetpack! It can do even more amazing things, like:

  • Be your personal tutor: Need help with coding or learning a new subject? Gemini Advanced can create step-by-step instructions, quizzes, and discussions just for you.
  • Help you code like a pro: Stuck on a coding problem? Gemini Advanced can be your sounding board and help you evaluate different approaches.
  • Become your creative partner: Generating content, analyzing trends, and brainstorming ideas? Gemini Advanced is your go-to creative sidekick.

How do you get this super-powered AI assistant?

Well, Gemini is accessible on it’s official website and there’s a brand new Gemini app for Android and for IOS users! You can type, talk, or even add images to ask Gemini for help with anything, anytime.

Need instructions on fixing a flat tire?
Want a custom image for your party invitation?
Need help writing a tricky text message?
Gemini’s got your back!

But there’s more! Google is serious about safety and responsible AI, so they’ve built safety features right into Gemini to avoid bad stuff like biased or unsafe content. They even tested it with outside experts before unleashing it on the world. You can learn more about their safety measures in their Gemini Technical Report.

So, what does this mean for you? It means the future of AI is here, and it’s more helpful and powerful than ever! With Gemini, you have your own personal AI assistant that can tackle almost anything you throw at it. From writing killer content to learning a new skill, Gemini’s got your back.

Cost of Gemini AI Advanced Version?

The basic Gemini is free, but Gemini Advanced is part of a new $20/month plan called Google One AI Premium. It also comes with 2TB of storage and other cool Google One Premium benefits. Plus, subscribers will soon be able to use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, and other Google tools!

Ready to join the AI revolution? Download the Gemini app or try it in the Google app. Gemini is rolling out now in English on Android and iOS in the US, and it’s coming to more countries and languages soon. Try it out and let Google know what you think – your feedback helps them make Gemini even better!

So there you have it, folks! The future of AI is here, and it’s called Gemini. Get ready to have your mind blown by this super-powered AI assistant that can do almost anything!

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